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Episode 5- Continued Service with The Mission Continues

This week's Extraordinary Guest is Ian Haynes of The Mission Continues

1. The Mission Continues is a veteran service organization, with the mission to empowers veterans by challenging them to continued service in through community service in their communities.

2. The Mission Continues has 4 programs: The primary program we discuss are the service platoons (the local groups in 55 metro areas across the US that organize service projects). The other programs are the service leader Corps, the Women's Leadership Summit and Mass Deployment opportunities.

3. Ian is employed by the Mission Continues and is the City Impact Manager here in Columbus, OH serving the Columbus and Cleveland service platoons.

Three Things to know about Freedom's Ring USA

1. The Mission Continues is an organization that inspired our founding. Primarily because I love that it serves veterans by challenging them. That is empowerment and I believe this nation needs to challenge more of us to serve others.

2. I also connected with the idea that the Mission Continues tapped into the veteran's desire for continued service. I believe the entire family has a desire for service and that is why I felt compelled to start Freedom's Ring.

3. The Mission Continues understands the need for increased sense of purpose and that you can increase an individual's sense of purpose by service. By getting people to make positive contributions in their community, you can increase their sense of purpose, sense of worth, and sense of community.

Spirited Stories

1. Alabama - days after a devastating tornado killed 23 people, 2 corporations (who declined to be named) pledged to pay for the funerals of all 23 victims.

2. New Jersey - Teenage boys led by Patrick Lanigan woke up to shovel his neighbors driveway at 4:30 am. They did this because he knew his neighbor needed dialysis treatments.

Extraordinary Acts For Others Challenge of the Week

1. Share a story of extraordinary acts for others that you do. As you can see, they really do inspire more goodness in our country. Tag @FreedomsRingUSA on social Media or use #ExtraordinaryActsForOthers.


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