Episode 4- Spreading Love and Positivity with Make A Day

Extraordinary Guest: Kyle Barger w/ MakeADay (@MakeADayHQ)

1. Kyle owns both a for-profit business and leads a nonprofit, so he brings a unique perspective as he leads in both arenas.

2. Make A Day, has a simple premise, it is to simply go out and make a strangers day by spreading love and positivity. This all started when Kyle and his cousin decided to simply buy burritos and have lunch with a couple of homeless men they had passed on the street regularly. This opportunity to get to know these men led to the nonprofit, Make a Day.

3. Make A Day, is a local Columbus nonprofit that sets up pop up events that offers food, hair cuts and shaves, and social interactions.

Three Things to Know about Freedom's Ring

1. Hard Work of Freedom Tour is coming up! Sign up to volunteer or sponsor our events (www.FreedomsRingUSA.org/HardWorkOfFreedomTour)

2. We talk about our name: The Ring to Freedom is responsibility. For us, we highlight our responsibility in our service to our country men and women. It also plays on our origin as we are founded by a military spouse. Service members defend our freedom and military spouses are the ring to that.

3. We use our initials often (FR) that's why we call our members FRiends and we welcome them to our FRamily. We focus a lot on relationships, so those bonds we form are important. For us we use the definition for Family from coach PJ Fleck: FAMILY stands for Forget About Me, I Love You. That's the attitude of service we want in our organization.

SPIRITED stories

1. Logan Brinson, a 5 year old, opens his own library for the kids for his neighbors (link)

2. Alfread Street Baptist Church raised $100,000 to pay for student debts of 34 of Howard University. (Link)

Extraordinary Acts For Others Challenge

Write Medal of Honor Recipients (Link to Janine's Page).

List of Living Medal of Honor Recipients


Medal of Honor Mail Call ATTN: (Your Recipient's Name) 2400 Boston Street, Ste 102 Baltimore, MD 21224

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