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When people say "Thank you for your service" we like to respond with a simple "it's an honor to serve." 


This program is designed, organized and led by military families to invite community members to serve along side us on some of America's most pressing and critical needs in our local communities, and when someone in the community thanks you for your service you'll feel the pride when you too say "it's an honor to serve."

Honor to serve is geared towards adults, where our raised2serve program is geared towards our youth.  The following are different initiatives Freedom's Ring offers adults under Honor2Serve.

This program is combines personal development and service work.  Your service work in your community "levels you up" a stripe where you can earn FREE and discounted leadership, character development and personal growth workshops and certificates from well-known coaches and leaders.


Communities can start a Freedom's Ring Service Unit to sustain service efforts to match local needs and help build a stronger sense of community to those who join. 

Ring Leaders is our 6 month leadership development fellowship that challenges people to become service leaders in their communities as they bring together volunteers to leave a positive mark in very impactful ways for their community.


This program is designed for adults who want to grow in generosity.  Through socials and personal development workshops they raise funds and develop their philanthropic nature.

This is a multi-city service tour between Military Spouse Appreciation Day and 4th of July that unites military families and patriotic citizens as we spread a spirit of remarkable patriotism and leave a positive mark. 



A week long immersion experience rooted in service and first hand learning 

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