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Become a FRiend who makes our country even more remarkable by leaving a positive mark in our communities.


individuals and individual families  who are committed to

leaving their mark

on an individual basis and want to 

connect with our growing virtual community through our free,

members-only network.




Step 1: Join and become a FRiend   

(membership is free)

Step 2: Leave your positive mark in your community.

Step 3: Complete the Leave Your Mark Form

Step 4: The national organization    maintains records, awards stripes earned and celebrates FRiends achievements in our virtual group. 

Step 5: Tag @FreedomsRingUSA on social media and use #RemarkablePatriotism to inspire more goodness our communities.



Anyone can join Freedom's Ring but if under 18 will need parent consent. 


leaving your Mark:

 When you leave your mark, you must serve with a registered Nonprofit and cannot support a political candidate or party. 


We are what we strive for and celebrate, and here we celebrate doing the "hard work of freedom" that is demanded from good citizenship by leaving a positive mark and striving to contribute more. Each time we leave a positive mark through service, we are creating an even more remarkable country by making our communities worthy places to live. THAT'S WORTH CELEBRATING!

Each stripe is a badge of honor --- an honor every FRiend can strive to earn without having to start over every PCS. There are prizes to earn each time you level up that will help you grow in S.P.I.R.I.T.


Join the mission and serve to complete your flag!

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