Encourage America to make the best use of our freedom by leaving a positive mark in our communities for an even more remarkable country.

Military families are of a different breed. We believe in virtues of patriotism and service and then... we follow through on them. We are a model for what we wish we saw more of in our country.

Seeing this, Freedom's Ring set out to challenge military families to step up in leadership to encourage more Americans to make the best use of our freedom -- using it to serve one another and leave a positive mark in our communities.

A stable mission like ours allows military families, who often move every 2-3 years, to PCS keeping the same purpose to community to community and build upon their leadership development without having to "start over." This adds to the value we bring and the impacts we make through the different ways we each volunteer. This is especially true for military spouses who volunteer more of their time than the average American adult.

Military spouses are a natural bridge to the perceived military/civilian divide and community service is a remarkable vehicle to bring people together and foster a deeper sense of community. This is why our country needs to tap into their leadership.