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Encourage America to make the best use of our freedom by leaving a positive mark in our communities for an even more remarkable country.

Military families are of a different breed. We believe in virtues of patriotism and service and then... we follow through and act on them. We model what we wish we saw more of in our country because we know America is worth it and it is an honor to serve.

We see the work our service members do defending our freedom but the real truth is the value of service is a family commitment.  Service members generously give their free time to volunteer outside of their uniform and military spouses are remarkable leaders who volunteer in our communities with meaningful impact well above the rate of average citizens.  We celebrate this remarkable patriotism empower military families to take it one step further.  

Freedom's Ring sets out to challenge military families to step up in leadership to encourage and challenge more Americans to use their freedom to serve one another and leave a positive mark in their communities.

Our goal is by 2025, we, Freedom's Ring, takes our service to military spouses one step further, by creating employment opportunities around the country for spouses to lead service units  empowering military families to unite with the local communities in service as they leave a positive mark together. 


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