Episode 2 - Marla Bautista w/ The Bautista Project

Our Extraordinary Guest Today is Marla Bautista of the Bautista Project

* Marla shares her experience of being homeless and how that turned into the Bautista Project a company that uses it's profits to help homeless near the base they are stationed at.

* Marla also shares how she is involved in her community volunteering both on base and out in the community and how that volunteer experience is an expression of patriotism and a way to be connected.

* Marla also talks about inviting her kids to serve with as a family when they serve the homeless in their community.

You can follow the Bautista Project

www.TheBautistaProject.com or @TheBautistaProject on Instagram and Facebook

Our Challenge of the week is to send travel size hygiene products to the Bautista Project to include in the belonging boxes they hand out directly to those in need. Visit The Bautista Project for shipping details.

As always we invite you to share good news stories with us, Tag @FreedomsRingUSA or use #ExtraordinaryActsForOthers to bring attention to the goodness you see around you.

This week's spirited stories are:

1. https://www.cnn.com/videos/us/2019/02/12/firefighter-paramedics-push-patient-to-hospital-newsource-orig.cnn

2. https://www.khou.com/article/news/jj-watt-personally-delivers-jersey-to-cy-fair-isd-student/285-11e72ce7-a65b-4364-9a07-c083b71e13c8

For more goodness happening in our country, follow @FreedomsRingUSA on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

You can follow the Host, Sara Hunold @SaraHunold on Twitter and Instagram

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