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If you're paying attention, you'll notice quickly REMARKABLE is our adjective of choice around here. We are striving to build out a remarkable organization worthy of the military families we serve and serve along side in our communities. We are so committed to serving in our communities because we are striving for an even more remarkable America. So why remarkable?

Remarkable is simply defined as worthy of attention and tends to have a positive connotation, which sums up the goodness we are after and the legacy we work to leave at each of our duty stations. We recognize just how remarkable our country is and believe America is not only worthy of positive attention but worthy of a remarkable citizens who have a remarkable love of country.

This is where Remarkable Patriotism comes in.

Remarkable Patriotism is our brand of patriotism. It's a distinct love of country that is lived when people uses their freedom to serve one another and leave a positive mark.

Imagine a country where people lived with this kind of vision of freedom for themselves. Where individuals owned up to the challenge.

When we think about America's best moments, this is what patriotism looked like. This service minded spirit needs to be encouraged more and celebrated more.


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