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The Remarkable Patriotism Podcast
Media Kit 

The Podcast's Purpose:

The Remarkable Patriotism Podcast was created to celebrate the good happening in our country right now and the remarkable Americans who are using their freedom to serve one another and leave a positive a mark by giving back in extraordinary ways through their businesses and organizations.

About the Show:

Each show is 30-45 minutes and includes three parts:

    (1) A short patriotic story from our history.

    (2) An interview with an remarkable guest, who is embodies a service focused patriotism.

    (3) two stories of service submitted by our listeners to offer examples of people leaving a positive mark

         right now in their own communities , and a challenge for our listeners to use Their freedom to serve one

         another and #LeaveAPositiveMark.

This show is NOT political - we may have politicians on as guests or civic organizations, but the conversations we have try to rise above partisanship and lead to our theme of service and patriotism.  

About our sponsor and producers, Freedom's Ring:

The Remarkable Patriotism Podcast is a product of Freedom's Ring, a 501c3 nonprofit with the mission to reinvigorate America with a spirit of Remarkable Patriotism.  We run this podcast to celebrate what is going right in our country right now and to offer inspiration for others to do their own service.

Sponsors Partnerships Opportunities are available through an advertisement, segment sponsor, and season sponsor. Our show partnerships go through our development office, same as our nonprofit program partners.

About the Host, Sara Hunold:

Sara Hunold, is the founder and president of Freedom's Ring, a spouse of an active duty Marine, and mother of 3.  Out of a deep love and gratitude for our country and a strong call to service, she is on a mission to spread goodness seen in our country and to be an example of that goodness. Patriotism has been a family value since childhood and as a former high school civics teacher she saw how patriotism needed to be an action word that expressed our love for America through our service to one another to help make America an even more remarkable country. After marrying a Marine, she saw how military spouses are natural leaders for this mission and created Freedom's Ring to channel that energy for service.

Sara Hunold and her family are currently stationed in Okinawa, Japan.

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