Okinawa is home to our First Chapter!  The leadership team coordinates service events that help military families find community and  engage with the local community by doing impactful service activities that leave a positive mark across the island.


Enter the RING and serve!

Freedom's Ring FRiends

Anyone can become a Freedom's Ring FRiend simply by registering as a member  (it's FREE).  


While you are in Okinawa, you are invited to our events.  Some events by nature of our volunteer work will be restricted, but we try to offer variety of service activities to our chapter.  

Our Raised to Serve events are designed for children and our Honor to Serve events are designed for adults.  Sometimes there can be cross over to make it a family event. 

Our facebook page is the best way to get up to date information and see the events that are planned. 

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The Board

The Board are the facilitators between the local chapter and  Freedom's Ring USA and local MCCS private organization coordinators. 

The Roles are nominated by the current board and then interviewed by Freedom's Ring USA.  The 4 board positions are:

President -- The Unit leader who ensures our programming is executed on and our chapter is compliant.

Vice President -- The Unit co-leader assists the president with compliancy and that our programing captains are trained for their roles.

Treasurer -- Maintains our financial records and serves as chief fundraising captain who ensures fundraisers are approved through proper channels.

Secretary -- Organizes our master calendar, takes meeting minute notes and helps maintain our records.

The Ring Leader Team

The local boards create the leadership teams they want to help plan impactful programming. Okinawa established these positions:

Honor to Captain - 

Raised to Serve Captain - 

Base Captains

Public Affairs Captain -

Community Impact Liaison - 

Click on the position below to download the role description