Raised to Serve

Kids are remarkable and this program is designed to empower kids to leave their own mark with their own service. 


Each service event is designed for kids of all ages and encourages them to grow with R.A.I.S.E.D. Spirits

Remarkable Patriotism - using our freedom to serve one another and leave a positive mark   

Appreciate One anothe- Our service is people centered because community is built on expressed gratitude and appreciation for one another. 

Idealist Mindest, Grateful Heart, Generous Spirit - Our actions do make a difference and we are thankful be able to leave a positive mark with one another

Serve one another - this is what we do, how we live the values in our R.AI.S.E.D. Spirit.

Engage in community - We serve the communities we live in and the people around us.

Develop in character & Virtue - we are striving to become better versions of ourselves and better citizens for our country.

Ways to get involved





Working Mom

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A Family Kit with a service lesson plan is emailed out each month.  Then join children who are making a remarkable difference in our country as they complete these service activities in their communities around the world.

Teacher with Pupils

Step up to lead


Start a local "Raised to Serve" chapter, and invite FRiends to serve along side you!

Lesson guides and monthly trainings are given to each chapter leaders to support them in their leadership role.

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Share the goodness

Use the #RemarkablePatriotism and #LeaveAPositiveMark as you serve in your community -- this will inspire more people to join the mission and spread more goodness on social media.

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