Extraordinary Acts For Others Podcast

Media Kit 

The Podcast's Purpose:

The Extraordinary Acts For Others Podcast was created to celebrate extraordinary Americans who are making a mark by giving back in extraordinary ways through their businesses and organizations.

About the Show:

Each show is 30-45 minutes and includes three parts: An interview with an extraordinary guest, two spirited stories of goodnews found in the media to offer examples of people doing extraordinary acts for others right now, and a challenge for our guests to do our own #ExtraordinaryActsForOthers.

About our sponsor and producers, Freedom's Ring USA:

The Extraordinary Acts For Others Podcast is produced and sponsored by us, Freedom's Ring USA.  We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit led by military spouses with the mission to make our country and communities even more extraordinary by doing extraordinary acts for others.  

We run this podcast to celebrate what is going right in our country right now and to offer inspiration for others to do their own service.

About the Host, Sara Hunold:

Sara Hunold, is the founder and president of Freedom's Ring and a spouse of an active duty Marine.  Out of a deep love and gratitude for our country and a strong call to service, she is on a mission to spread goodness seen in our country and to be an example of that goodness.