We are building a system of units around the country where members network, make connections with others, and bond over doing extraordinary acts for others.  Through consistent interaction and regular opportunities to do extraordinary acts for others with others, we hope our military spouses and families find units to be extremely valuable in finding deeper purpose and meaningful FRiendships as they progress through their time in Freedom's Ring. The family nature of our units is why you come back for more.


Until our system of Units grows, our online community is key in encouraging our members to put their patriotism in action by the example of extraordinary acts for others from our members.  Our virtual community is a vital platform for providing support and connection for our members as it is the catalyst for our unit development. Most people will dip their toes in our virtual community before they dive in one of our units.

Unit Organization


If you believe in our mission of uniting military families with their communities by modeling patriotism in action and doing extraordinary acts for others and want to lead and live that mission with S.P.I.R.I.T. (Stouthearted Patriotism, Industriousness, Relationships, Idealism, & Thankfulness) then we want you to apply to start a unit in your community.

Extraordinary leaders are the heart and soul of our organization as they are spreading the mission and sharing the extraordinary benefits of becoming a FRiend. They are people oriented leaders who maintain a positive culture that is inclusive and supportive of anyone who wants to live the mission with S.P.I.R.I.T.

Download this file to learn more about the role and responsibility of an extraordinary unit leader of a new unit. 

Apply to Start A

New Unit

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A complete application consists of:

1) Resume

2) Completed Application form