Our approach is quite simple: 

commUNITY service + commUNITY participation ---leads to ---> greater community well-being, personal sense of commUNITY and a More extraordinary America

Through our programs, people believe in their own ability to do extraordinary acts for others and that our country becomes more extraordinary every time they contribute to strengthen commUNITY

commUNITY service

We use our gifts, talents, passions and skills to do extraordinary acts for others that strengthen commUNITY

commUNITY participation

We use our presence as an extraordinary acts for others. Simply just being with each other builds up commUNITY and

we show up in our communities.

sense of commUNITY

that feeling that we matter to each other and are valued is essential to individual belonging and the wellbeing and possibilities of our communities. To get this result we need to do the work of service and participation first.



Freedom's Ring USA is a  501(c)3 nonprofit led by military families with the mission to make our country and communities even more extraordinary by doing extraordinary acts for others.


Our tax id is 82-0919454



P.O. Box 126

Pickerington OH






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